Voter Registration

Digital Embassies: A Blueprint for Community Engagement



  • Embassy
  • Consular Service
  • Geopolitical ethnic groups
  • Nigerian Unite
  • Professionals
  • Africa Union
  • International Diaspora Engagement Alliance

DSS is considerably in partnership with groups and affiliated to similar data security licensed corporations because we understand how best, with our closely monitored and well-examined staff personnel through proven integrity within the workforce. So as to directly and closely work together, with the grassroots in networking, meeting, identifying and resolving needs in a humane proactive manner while equally and securely collecting relevant data that will match peoples desired needs in a timely manner. 

DSS however, understand the need to always be responsible for the protection of such information; strictly used for the purposes it is meant for, regardless of stimulus.  It is in view of this, we are obliged to compliment and facilitate enabling voting within Diaspora and commonwealth of nations.

Other benefits:

  • Opportunity for Future Appointments Inclusion in Exchange Programs Access to Resources, eg grants, etc.
  • Job Announcements
  • Investments Opportunities
  • Trade Shows
  • Training for Young Graduates

Town Hall meetings with your representatives whenever in the Diaspora. DSS recognize, award, reward Diaspora Nigerians making waves internationally.



Ready to register to vote? If you are ready to register to vote in Nigeria national election, click on the button below and you will be take to our online voter registration form.